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A couple is standing in a forest before dawn while they elope in Asheille. They are looking at each other with their headlamps in hiking clothes and surrounded by fog and trees.
A couple sits by a fire while they elope in asheville in their wedding clothes. They are camping in a forest and they have string lights hung up on their hammock
A couple is in their wedding clothes and they are jumping in a mountain lake off a dock while they elope in asheville.

Choosing to elope in Asheville is perfect for nature lovers, mindful spirits and adventurers!
Maybe you're seeking an intimate celebration that gives you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or perhaps you're trying to avoid the stress of planning a big wedding. When it comes down to it, you probably just want to celebrate your love in a way that actually feels like you. Whatever your reason, you've come to the right place. In this guide I share my local insight for creating your dream elopement in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

That's me and my Mom at Max Patch!

Elevating Elopements with Local Expertise

A mom is walking hand in hand with her baby, now an Asheville local elopement photographer, at Max Patch in the winter. The baby has a blue hat and yellow outfit and they stand in front of a mountain range.

Hey y'all - I'm Kathryn!

I was born and raised here in the
Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC.

This land is a deep part of my heritage and celebrating it's beauty woven in with your unique love story is one of my greatest joys.
With a lifetime of exploring every winding gravel road, off-map hiking trail, and small town street of Appalachia, and 8 years of helping couples get married here, you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands.

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Reasons to Elope In Asheville

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Asheville and the surrounding small tows are filled with gorgeous parks, lakes, and forests for you to choose from. If you need help narrowing down your options, I can help!

Here is a quick breakdown of your choices:

A couple is standing during a ceremony while they elope in asheville with a beautiful sunset mountain view and their small group of family is looking on toward them.

Explore the vast wonders of Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests, which together blanket a majority of Western North Carolina, offering an array of enchanting spaces for your elopement. While Pisgah tends to draw more visitors, Nantahala's serene landscapes beckon those seeking solitude. Yet, both forests boast stunning waterfalls, panoramic vistas, meandering rivers, and endless trails, providing a wealth of options for crafting your perfect day amidst nature's splendor.

Embrace once-in-a-lifetime moments amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway, a 469-mile mountain road journeying from Western North Carolina to Virginia. I help my couples discover secluded spots and scenic trails perfect for crafting intentional elopements. With its accessible yet captivating vistas, it's the perfect setting for those seeking to immerse themselves in purposeful connections with nature and each other.

Private Venues

If you're looking for more ensured privacy for your celebration, Western NC offers a wealth of secluded spaces perfectly suited for your elopement. From serene flower farms to exclusive wedding venues and cozy rental homes, you'll find an array of private settings where you can exchange vows without interruptions. With no worries about other people being present, you'll have the freedom to set up additional elements like chairs and a wedding arch, ensuring your day is as intimate and personalized as you've always dreamed.

Check off a National Park from your bucket list for your elopement! Imagine saying 'I do' amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, spanning the border between North Carolina and Tennessee. While it can be very busy, this iconic park offers a wealth of exploration opportunities across its diverse landscapes. Whether you prefer easy access locations or are drawn to long hikes and backpacking adventures, the Great Smoky Mountains cater to every kind of nature lover, ensuring an elopement experience as unique as your love

A couple is standing side by side on a mountain view while they elope in NC.
A couple and their photographer smile at the camera for a selfie while they elope in Asheville. They are on a mountain in the winter and in wedding clothes with their arms in the air and big smiles on their face. One is in a suit and the other a white dress and the photographer has a big grin with braids.

NOT SURE WHich location TO CHOOSE?

You're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by the abundance choices in the Asheville area for your elopement... I get it - But don't worry! I'm here to help you navigate through the options and find the perfect spot that resonates with your unique vision.

With my local expertise and personalized guidance, together we'll turn your elopement dreams into a reality. Don't hesitate to reach out. We will connect to see if I'm a good fit for you before we start planning your unforgettable celebration in nature.

NC State Parks

The remainder of public land in Western NC comprises state parks such as Gorges, Grandfather Mountain, and Mt. Mitchell. These stunning landscapes offer picturesque settings for your elopement, with the added convenience of nearby facilities such as campgrounds and restrooms. Ideal for couples who prefer to be closer to accommodations while still immersing themselves in the natural beauty of North Carolina.

You don't have to do this alone!

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Among the myriad decisions couples face when planning their elopement, perhaps none is as pivotal as choosing the perfect season.

In Asheville, each season unfolds with its own distinctive allure, presenting couples with a canvas of possibilities.

My advice?

Read my descriptions, listen to your gut, and choose whatever feels like a good fit for you!

March - May

Spring stands out as one of the prime seasons for elopements in Western NC and it's not hard to see why. From the vibrant blooms of our diverse plant life paired with milder temperatures, this time of year offers an enchanting and colorful backdrop for your special day.

A couple is sitting on a rock while they elope in asheville on a mountain at sunrise. They are snuggling up and in a suit and dress with winter layers on such as gloves and a shawl. They are smiling and their hair is blowing wildly in the wind.


June - august

While Summer brings warmth and a lush backdrop of greenery, it also invites crowds, especially with school vacations. However, fear not - That's nothing a lesser-known location and access to cooling water spots can't fix! If you dream of getting in one of our crystal clear rivers or lakes during your elopement - this is the time!

A couple is in their wedding clothes and swimming at the bottom of a waterfall while they elope in asheville. They are all wet and kissing. One is in a suit and the other a while flowing dress.


A couple is standing snuggled up in a beam of sunlight on a mountaintop in asheville while they elope. The groom is behind his bride and there are plants all around them with a funny shaped blue mountain behind them.

september - November

The Fall is the absolute most popular season to elope in Asheville for - you guessed it - the colors! There’s nothing like when the trees turn red, orange, and yellow, lighting up the landscape. Plus the weather is ideal with a balance of warm with a crisp chill in the air. The downside to eloping here in the fall? Crowds. LOTS of people visit here to “leaf look” So finding locations, where you can avoid the tourists is key.


A couple is laying in tubes on the water for their elopement in asheville. The bride is holding her sun hat and the groom is in a life jacket resting. The tubes are yellow and orange and the water is a dark blue.

december - february

Winter in the mountains can be surprisingly magical. You might get lucky with our gentle snowfall, but even without it you will get graced with views you wouldn't experience in any other season. The color of the mountains seem to change this time of year to an even bluer tone and you're inspired to snuggle up by a fire and enjoy the quieter time of year on the trails.


Choose to elope on a week day - the less crowded the trails, the better.


Confirm when your location and/or venue is available or accessible for booking or permitting.

Tips for picking

your Date to
elope in Asheville


Avoid holidays - a very important way to try and avoid crowds and get some privacy!


Decide what type of weather you want to experience, and pick a month based on that.


Plan around personal time off for a stress free experience!

Your elopement is not a photoshoot

Your wedding experience is worth so much more than a simple ceremony and hour of posed photos. You want something that honors your story and shares your values; a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with the things you love most and new stories to tell!
Here is just a short list of some fun activities you could enjoy if you elope in Asheville with me.

Hiking or backpacking

star gazing


swimming hole exploring

dreamy picnics

hot air balloon rides

kayaking or Canoeing
tubing or Rafting

sunrise & sunset watching

waterfall chasing

yoga, massage, meditation, spas

Private chef meals

campfire s'mores

renting a lake boat

foraging mushrooms


a fancy meal with loved ones

Obtaining a

marriage license

To elope in Asheville

  • You will likely get a marriage license from the Buncombe County Register of Deeds during office hours (8 AM - 5 PM) if you're eloping around Asheville.
  • You may complete the marriage license application by printing it out at home before your arrival, or you can just fill it out when you get there
  • Both people must be present with valid Photo ID’s AND social security cards
  • The Marriage License fee is $60
  • The license is valid for 60 days and can be used anywhere in NC
A couple is standing at the trunk of their car packing up gear before they elope in asheville on a trail. There are headlights beaming on them and they have backpacks on and headlamps in the fog.

How to Get Around When You Elope in Asheville

Asheville is a smaller town, not a big city. Therefore, it doesn’t have a lot of taxi or ride-share services like Uber or Lyft. There are a handful, but there aren’t many.
I highly recommend renting a car or bringing your own!
Having your own car will allow you the freedom to explore when and where you want. Plus, there are a lot of outdoor areas that don’t have service around here, so you wouldn’t be able to call a ride anyway. If you are feeling adventurous and want to make sure you have access to everything, I suggest renting an SUV. There are a lot of bumpy dirt roads and pull-offs that need a higher clearance vehicle that would make navigation much easier.

Where to Stay to Elope in Asheville

I’m a big fan of house rentals or straight up camping for the privacy and natural spaces they provide.
There are BEAUTIFUL and really cute rentals all over Western NC. Some also allow elopements to take place on their property - just be sure to ask beforehand to make sure.
You can search for local rentals on airbnb or vrbo.

My suggestion is to try and support locals who have spaces to rent (instead of people who live other places and have rentals here - it helps the local economy more this way).

Hotels are usually incredibly expensive, and not that exciting for photo or video shots in my opinion, so I don’t recommend them.

Extra tip:
Try to pick where you stay after you’ve picked where you want to explore on your elopement day. It’s not uncommon to have to drive an hour or two to get to some of the best spots in the area, so picking a place to stay based on your elopement ceremony location will be helpful!

a couple is standing on a balcony of a rental while they elope in asheville. They are in wedding clothes and the mountains are foggy behind them but there are string lights on the porch.

What to wear for your elopement

My biggest piece of advice when it comes to picking your wedding clothes for an outdoor elopement in Asheville is to choose what you feel your most comfortable AND your most confident in.
You don't have to go down any traditional route. Get creative and have fun with it!

This is about representing you as your truest selves, so choose an outfit that feels like YOU.

A female couple is walking hand in hand on a rocky mountain in Asheville NC during an elopement with an adventurous package. It is sunset with lots of pretty colors and you can see the mountains far in the distance. THey are in unique outfits like a corduroy suit and suspenders.

Dresses or skirts

If you’re wearing a dress, something loose around the hips and legs is great so you’ve got enough range of motion to hike in. Also, having some layers that you are comfortable having photos taken in each option will give you flexibility for the weather.

Check out my blog post for more detailed info on how to pick your elopement dress.

Shirts & Pants

For those wearing a more shirt and pant style outfit, make sure you’ve got something that is a bit stretchy. You wouldn’t want your pants to rip stepping up on a big rock!

Also, make sure you've got some layers that you are comfortable having photos taken in. This will help keep you comfortable and give you flexibility for whatever the weather throws at us!


If you’re hiking during your elopement day, legit hiking boots are the way to go. They will be the most comfortable and comfort is key! Make sure you wear them in if you buy new boots to try and avoid blisters. If you prefer not wearing boots, wear something with good tread at least!

If you prefer to have something a bit less rugged or aren't hiking around during your day, then just make sure your shoes are comfortable.

An elopement videographer in asheville is filming a couple hugging and the groom is kissing the bride on the head. It is their wedding day and they are outside in nature.

Photography & Videography

Hey y'All, Im Kathryn and I'm Here for you.

Your photographer/videographer could make or break your elopement day.

Choosing someone you will enjoy being around and that you trust is key to feeling comfortable, connected, and celebrated.
So what can you expect from me?

As a joyful and gentle soul, my utmost priority is to support you in every possible way.
You'll often hear me say, "this is a no judgement zone," and I wholeheartedly mean it.
I firmly believe that the best photos and films capture honest moments, so my goal is to allow you to simply enjoy and be present.
Whether we're marveling at the sunrise or sunset, hiking mountains, or swimming together, I'll be right there with you. And when you need some alone time, I'll gladly give you the space you need. From sharing fun facts about cool plants to helping you build a campfire, I'm here for you every step of the way.

A couple is climbing up rock steps with their elopement clothes and neon backpacks on during their Asheville elopement.

contact me to get started

I imagine you aren’t choosing an elopement because you value your day less or want to minimize it.
In fact, I bet you value your experience SO MUCH that you’re choosing to experience it with intention
(and have a little adventure to go with it)!

With packages ranging from four hours to two days, you have the flexibility to embark on a long hike to a private mountaintop, take a kayak trip on a quiet river, have a bonfire in the backyard, host a small celebration ceremony with family and friends, go for an evening bike ride, or enjoy a delicious dinner made by a private chef.

Your options are limitless, and with your final photos and video, you’ll remember every sweet moment forever.

An Elopement Experience Without Limits

Here's my honest take:

Your elopement deserves more than just a cookie-cutter package. It's a once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves personalized attention and care.

A couples is standing and looking at the sunrise during their Asheville elopement in western NC. There are a few clouds in the sky and one person has a flower crown while the other has a blue suit on. They are blurry but the sunrise is in focus.
A couple is in wedding clothes while they elope in asheville. They are high-fiving with lots of energy and smiles in front of a river in winter time.

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