December 28, 2022

Jewish Elopement in NC Mountains

If you’ve been curious about how to mix the traditional with the non-traditional for your wedding experience, J + B’s Jewish elopement will provide the perfect inspiration for you! Enjoy their film below, or scroll through the photos to learn more about their story. And if you didn’t already know, I captured and edited both their video and photos myself (it’s my specialty)! Be sure to check out the gallery when you’re done to see more

A rundown of their elopement day:

We started out the morning hiking under the stars. It was so clear and beautiful that morning, giving us a great view of the milky way.

As the sun came up, they got ready separately, on opposite sides of the knob to prepare for a first look.

Once they watched the sun come up and enjoyed seeing each other in their wedding outfits, they moved into vows. They didn’t plan on reading their vows from their phones, but they accidentally forgot the vow books in the car before the hike. Thankfully they had a copy!

After really sweet and loving vows (make sure to listen to them in the video at the beginning of the blog), we packed everything up and headed back down the trail. I always like to take a lot of time during hikes to let couples explore and enjoy the journey. Hiking shouldn’t be rushed. It’s all about looking at all the beautiful views, gorgeous light, and cool plants along the way.

We piled in the cars once we got back to the parking lot and headed to a new location. There, we met up with their immediate family to sign paperwork and have a more official ceremony. I love when couples are able to mix together time alone for an adventure and time with loved ones when they would like both.

After a beautiful Jewish elopement ceremony, the brides parents played and sang a song for them during the first dance. It was such a sweet way to include them in the day!

After family photos (that of course included their adorable dog), we explored the waterfall nearby to end the 6 hour adventure!

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