May 16, 2022

Max Patch Elopement Tips & Inspiration

Important Update: The Pisgah National Forest has requested that couples not have a Max Patch elopement for the time being due to over-use.

If you were hoping to have a wedding/elopement here, reach out and we can find another, less popular location!


  • Schedule a weekday wedding so there will be less hikers around (Monday-Thursday preferably).
  • Keep it small (You really shouldn’t bring more than 10 guests).
  • Everyone involved should be prepared for a hike and be sure to wear proper shoes/clothing.
  • Know that it’s a popular and heavily trafficked location. You likely will not be alone no matter what time or day you pick (yes, even sunrise).
  • Parking is VERY limited – you need to carpool as much as you can! Do not park in the road at all.
  • Download directions/maps before heading up the mountain – you won’t have service!
  • The weather is unpredictable up in the mountains. You could get rain, fog, crazy wind, or clear skies. Embrace whatever comes (but don’t be out there during a thunderstorm!)
  • There are no bathrooms at the trailhead. Plan and prepare accordingly.
  • It takes over an hour drive to get to Max Patch trailhead from Asheville, NC. Make sure you have enough gas and a good playlist!
  • The road up to the trailhead is gravel and could be in rough condition depending on when you visit. A high clearance vehicle is recommended
  • Don’t bring any props, arbors, or chairs. Let the land speak for itself. Enjoy it as it is.

For more information about eloping in the area, check out my Guide to Elope in Asheville!

Inspiration – Real Stories

Lindsay + Kyle

Their Elopement Story

There were a few reasons these two wanted to have a simple elopement up on a mountain, just the two of them.

  • The simplicity and intimacy of an elopement
  • Financial reasons
  • Their love for adventure

These are all really relatable reasons – ones that impact so many other couples to elope in nature.

When they were daydreaming up their day they knew they wanted to experience some really special things, “

We imagine a beautiful sunrise or sunset over the mountains, being surrounded by the colors of the fall. Dancing in an open field and laughing and enjoying our time. We want to feel happy and comfortable. We want to hear and see all the wonders of nature around us while we enjoy some cake and coffee together. Of course we want to read our vows to each othe and just be at peace and make the most of our love on a beautiful day!”

When asked about what drew them to one another, their answers were so sweet: “I was drawn to Kyle because of his consistency, loyalty, support, and motivation. Kyle was drawn to me, in his words, an unspoken connection, one of those clicks where you can tell it will work without doubting it.”

I hope you enjoy their beautiful story through the film and photos I captured for them!

A couple is illuminated by headlamps as they hike up a dark trail in their wedding clothes.
A couple is hugging and facing the view of the mountains right before sunrise on Max Patch for their elopement.
Two people are hiking up a trail at Max Patch in their elopement clothes before dawn.
A couple is standing side by side and holding hands on a ridge for their Max patch elopement as the sun is rising and making everything glow golden.
A couple is snuggled up in front of a mountain view in their elopement clothes.
Two people are walking on a mountaintop at Max Patch during sunrise looking at each other and smiling. They are in their elopement outfits of a dress and suit.
A groom is adjusting his bowtie in front of a beautiful mountain sunrise at Max Patch before his elopement.
A bride stands in front of clouds bursting with sunlight smiling, and holds her hair out of her eyes.
A couple is standing on a ridge for their Max patch elopement during the ceremony at sunrise. The bride is smiling at the groom and wearing a pink shawl over her dress.
A couple is standing on a ridge for their Max patch elopement during the ceremony at sunrise. The groom is pushing the hair out of his brides face.
A bride is smiling at her groom while holder her bouquet during their elopement ceremony on Max Patch.
A couple is hugging to stay warm during the ceremony at their Max Patch elopement. The sun is rising and hitting their faces directly while everything else is in shadow.
A couple has their first kiss as a married couple during their elopement on max patch at sunrise.
A bride is keeping her groom warm in her big pink jacket on a mountaintop during a very pink sunrise. They are smiling and laughing with each other.
A couple is walking on a a mountaintop in their elopement clothes at sunrise.
A close up of a person holding a bag full of flowers and a blanket. The other person walking with them is in a pink jacket and white sparkly dress.
A couple walks together on a grassy area with their elopement clothes on and layers like a jacket and hat. The sun is beaming through the clouds.
Two people are hiking along a trail on a mountaintop. There is a white blaze on a marker in the foreground and mountains in the background.
A couple sits atop Max Patch and prepares a picnic during their elopement with a mountain view background.
a biscuit wrapped in tinfoil is sitting in the lap of someone wearing a wedding dress and holding a little cup of jam.
A landscape view of fall mountains with light beaming through the clouds.
A couple stands facing each other on top of Max Patch during their elopement.
two people show off their hiking shoes. One is in a pair of jeans and the other is in a white sparkly wedding dress with the bottom all muddy
A couple walks down a winter wooden trail together after their elopement at Max patch
A bride is walking on a trail holding her coat and bouquet. You can see how muddy her white dress has become at the bottom.
A couple has their first dance for their elopement in the middle of the trail, surrounded by tall grass, at Max Patch.
A couple is kissing in the trail at max Patch during their elopement. The trail is lined with high dried and golden grasses.
A bride is standing holding her bouquet while in her elopement dress on a trail at Max Patch.

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