May 15, 2022

Black Balsam Knob Wedding: Tips & Inspiration

Important Update: The Pisgah National Forest has requested that couples not have a Black Balsam Knob wedding for the time being due to over-use.

If you were hoping to have a wedding/elopement here, reach out and we can find another, less popular location!

Black Balsam Knob Wedding Tips & Information

  • Schedule a weekday wedding so there will be less hikers around (Monday-Thursday preferably).
  • Keep it small (You really shouldn’t bring more than 10 guests).
  • There are some steep roots and rocks to hike up. Everyone involved should be prepared for a hike and be sure to wear proper shoes/clothing
  • Know that it’s a popular and heavily trafficked location. You likely will not be alone no matter what time or day you pick (yes, even sunrise).
  • Parking is VERY limited – you need to carpool as much as you can! Do not park in the road at all.
  • Download directions/maps before heading up the mountain – you won’t have service!
  • Black Balsam area is NOT on Blue Ridge Parkway Land even though you can access it from the Parkway. It is actually on National Forest Service land. It is a part of Pisgah National Forest.
  • The weather is unpredictable up in the mountains. You could get rain, fog, crazy wind, or clear skies. Embrace whatever comes (but don’t be out there during a thunderstorm!)
  • There are no bathrooms at the trailhead. Plan and prepare accordingly.
  • It takes about an hour drive to get to Black Balsam Knob trailhead from Asheville, NC. Make sure you have enough gas and a good playlist!

Black Balsam Knob Wedding Inspiration Stories

Kirsty + Nick

This is their Black Balsam Knob Wedding story:

Kirsty + Nick are both more introverted and feel most at ease when its just the two of them. They knew they wanted the moment to be special and just for them. “We want our day to be stress free! No strict plans and no expectations. A beautiful moment in a quiet place, a zoom reception with family, tattoos for a permanent souvenir, and a nice meal with the people we love the most.”

In addition to chatting about a couples elopement dreams, I always ask them a few things in a questionnaire to help me get to know them better:

When I asked where, they said, “At a local bodega that a shared group of friends used to frequent.” They also said that the things that drew them both to one another were that “each of us have a quiet happy energy that we both found comfort in”. I loved that so much and I think it reflects in their film and photos.

I also love to ask what how they would describe their relationship. These two listed off so many wonderful things as an answer to that question: “We like to go with the flow and help each other grow.” Sweet and simple, don’t you think?

Some of the most memorable moments:

  • I loved that they included 4 of their closest loved ones with them for their elopement. A sweet and simple celebration on the mountain.
  • The wind was SO CRAZY the morning of their elopement, but they were all such troopers. The couple took a shot right before the elopement to warm up.
  • The epic sunrise with the moon, stars, and cloud inversion was one for the books!
  • They brought along their sweet pups for the celebration. No way you could you leave those cuties at home!
  • Their family members wore kilts to honor their heritage – very impressive with how cold and windy it was!
A group of people are standing together in the distance at blue hour on Black Balsam Knob in preparation for a wedding.
A bride is getting dressed in a sparkly wedding dress at night with the help of her mother and brother.
A couple snuggles together with headlamps on at Black Balsam Knob for their wedding with the sun about to rise and the moon and stars above them.
A landscape of mountains, a cloud inversion, the moon and stars right before the sun rises. The sky is blue and orange.
A couple stand with their back to the camera looking out over a landscape at night with an orange light coming over the horizon. There are stars and the moon in the sky. They are dressed in wedding clothes and beside a lantern on the ground.
Two hands are holding tiny fireball shot bottles close together outdoors in blue hour light.
A small group of people are gathered together on a mountaintop at sunrise on Black Balsam Knob for a small wedding celebration. There are 7 people and 2 dogs.
a couple is smiling and being silly during their ceremony on a mountain at Black Balsam Knob at sunrise.
A couple is having a sunrise ceremony on Black Balsam knob for their wedding. The couple stands in front of an officiant with two people on either side of them. The mountains are blue in the background with a cloud inversion.
A couple is standing holding hands at sunrise smiling at each other during their black balsam knob wedding ceremony. The sky is pink and there are mountains behind them.
A couple is standing in wedding clothes behind their officiant, facing each other with their eyes closed. They are on a mountain with rocks and a cloud inversion behind them.
A couple is standing in their wedding clothes on a mountain at sunrise on Black Balsam Knob.
A couple is squatting beside their dog in wedding clothes on a rock slab with a clear white sky behind them. The dog is kissing the man and the woman is smiling near the dogs face.
A couple sits snuggled up facing out at a view not long after sunrise at Black Balsam Knob after their wedding. The sun is bright and illuminates a cloud inversion
A couple is holding hands and walking across a mountaintop at Black Balsam Knob with the sunshine bright behind them. One person is wearing a suit and the other is wearing a wedding dress and leather jacket.
A couple is showing off their matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse tattoos on their calves. The girl lifts up her dress and the guy lifts up his pant leg. They have matching doc martins on and are standing in golden grass.
A couples is standing on a rock at Black Balsam Knob holding hands and looking out over the landscape in their wedding clothes.
A bride is walking through a grassy field with mountains behind her. She has a sparkly dress on and black and blue braided hair in buns.
A groom is standing in front of a landscape in his wedding clothes with mountains behind him.
A couple stands on mountains at Black Balsam Knob in their wedding clothes. The groom is kissing his bride on the cheek.
A couple stands hugging in warm golden light on a mountain top. We can see the face of the man who is smiling and his hands are wrapped under the woman's leather jacket. She has a sparkly dress on underneath.
a person with a sparkly dress on is walking on a dusty path with doc marten shoes and a sparkly dress.
A couple is walking through a gravel path in the forest with wedding clothes on and the sun shining on them.
A couple stands in a grove of pines in their wedding clothes at Black Balsam Knob. They are touching foreheads in a hug.
A couple stands in a grove of pines in their wedding clothes at Black Balsam Knob. They are touching noses with their eyes cloes.
A little black, brown and white dog with floppy ears is sitting in the trunk of a car surrounded by containers of food and items.
A bring and white dog is looking up at a person standing behind an open car trunk.

More Black Balsam Elopement Stories

Addison + Jovanis

Their Black Balsam Knob Wedding story:

Addison and Jovanis didn’t originally know they wanted to get married on a mountaintop. Covid caused them to push their wedding back a year and during that time they decided they wanted to do something small and intimate. I think a lot of couples had a similar experience in 2020 – 2021. Once they made this decision they knew they wanted something Intimate & relaxed. They wanted to feel excitement & love, smell the forest and mountains, taste champagne, and eat cake!

In addition to figuring out where a couple wants to elope, I always ask them a few things in a questionnaire to help me get to know them better.

When I asked how they met, they said, “We were bartending at sports bars across the street from each other and I (Addison) went to his bar with friends after a wedding and he was working that night.” The things that drew them both to one another that night and long after were their attraction, charm, outgoing natures, confidence, friendliness.

I love to ask what how they would describe their relationship. These two listed off so many wonderful things as an answer to that question: “Loving, open communication, respectful, fun, easy, trusting, understanding, affectionate”.

Some of the most memorable moments:

  • I loved that Addison helped Jovanis get ready at the cabin. Then, later, they did a first look with her in her dress on location.
  • Their family was all so kind and incredibly teary eyed throughout the ceremony
  • So many sweet hugs after the celebration with their loved ones
  • These two shared their private vows for a moment on the mountain, separate from their traditional ceremony with their family. It was really intimate (and windy!)

Brittany + Brandon

Their Black Balsam Knob Wedding story:

Brittany and Brandon were heart set on Black Balsam Knob for their elopement style wedding experience. It was just the two of them, celebrating their love and partnership on top of a mountain at sunset.

In addition to figuring out where a couple wants to elope, I always ask them a few things in a questionnaire to help me get to know them better.

When I asked how they met, Brittany said, “ We met through a mutual friend at a Karaoke bar in Orlando called Rising Star. It was a blind date and we’ve been together ever since (6 years in February). He proposed to me there on stage after we sang “Summer nights” from Grease in front my family and our friends. It was our going away party that turned into our engagement party.”

I love to ask what drew a couple to one another. Their answer was sweet and simple: “We always have a great time together, not only are we a couple but we are truly best friends. What’s more perfect?”

Some of the most memorable moments:

  • The large group of hikers that passed by us during their ceremony that were full of congratulations and apologies for interrupting. People are so nice here in the blue ridge mountains!
  • Poor Brandon getting a flat tire on the way up the mountain and being super late. It was definitely worrisome but what a funny memory to look back on!
  • How Brandon could barely hold in his tears the whole afternoon. He was all about the waterworks and I loved it!
  • We had to outrun a big storm as the sun was setting, so we rushed off the mountaintop with all the other hikers as quick as possible. We made it to the cars just before the rain hit.




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