Your Elopement Can Be Eco-Friendly

 Weddings produce a massive amount of waste.
On average, traditional weddings produce some 400 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of carbon dioxide.
By making the simple choice to elope, you’re also making the choice that’s more sustainable and respectful of our environment.

By choosing to have an elopement with an eco-conscious company (like me!), you not only mitigate the negative impact of traditional weddings, you actually help make a positive impact on the environment!
Here’s how:

Eco-friendly Support For you

  • I offset the carbon footprint of travel associated with your wedding (for free!) through Conservation International.
  • My planning guide is chock full of tips, links, and suggestions for how you can make earth-conscious choices in every aspect of your wedding planning.
  • By digitally delivering your film and photos, I reduce shipping and product waste.
  • I’m always available as a resource with support and advice as you strive to make your wedding as eco-friendly as possible.

Eco-friendly Business Practices

  • 1% of your package price is donated to Mountain True, which supports resilient forests, clean waters, and healthy communities in Western North Carolina.
  • I also counter my own carbon footprint for any travel associated with my business.
  • I follow Leave No Trace in all outdoor aspects of your wedding (and in my own personal adventuring).

Am I perfect? Of course not. In our modern society, being 100% eco-friendly is nearly impossible.
But like you, I do what I can and am dedicated to the effort of becoming better and more respectful of the planet in the ways I can control.
I am always learning, and I would love to help you and your partner do the same.