April 27, 2021

Washington Elopement Videographer : Why You Need One

If you are reading this, then you might be eloping and wondering whether or not you should hire a Washington Elopement Videographer to capture your special day. You might have posted to Facebook groups, asked friends and family, and talked it over with your partner but still aren’t sure.

I totally get it; these big decisions for your elopement aren’t easy, so I’m here to help! As a Videographer AND Photographer who has captured countless elopements over the past 6 years, here are my two cents:

4 Reasons to Hire a
Washington Elopement Videographer

Reason One:

Photos won’t capture your elopement vows,
and they are the best part!

Your photos might be able to capture your faces while you’re saying your vows in front of an epic Washington landscape, but they can’t capture the most important part; your words. The experience of sharing your vows with your partner for the first time is one of the most emotional and powerful aspects of the entire elopement day.

It isn’t often that we get a safe space to speak our hearts to the people we love. Being able to re-live the vows that you said to each other at the exact moment when you first said them is one of the most special keepsakes you will have from your elopement day. You can hear all of the emotion come out in your loved one’s voice, and witness all the tears, the laughter, and the sniffles.

Photos literally just DON’T do your vows the justice they deserve.

Your vow recording will be one of the things you pull out and watch when things get hard. They will be what your kids want to see as they are growing up; how deeply their parents loved each other. They will be reminders of how we change, and how grateful you are for the love in your life along the journey.

Reason Two:

You can show your elopement video to
loved ones who weren’t there

This is one of the biggest reasons that my couples want to hire a videographer for their elopement, especially if they are traveling somewhere like Washington!

When you elope, there usually aren’t many people with you. Having a video from your day gives you something to share with all of the loved ones who weren’t present to make them feel like a part of the story. It is a way for them to watch the day play out while also giving you the privacy and freedom you crave for your elopement.
Lots of couples really love the idea of being able to share their video with future generations as well!

“When we watch our video, it’s like watching photos come to life. She managed to catch little noises, smirks, and looks that fly by so quickly when you’re in it. I’m happy we accommodated the video into our final budget because it’s been so lovely to share with family, friends, & our future daughter.”


Reason Three

You can re-live your Washington elopement
more fully

Some people think they aren’t going to actually watch their elopement video, but I’ve found the opposite to be true for most of my couples.

Think about it this way: Would you rather watch a photo essay on a topic or a documentary?

I think most people would choose the documentary. Why? Because film just does a better job at telling the full story. Piecing together words, music, and footage is an experience that encompasses all of your senses and pulls you in. Photos are just a visual medium that can fall a bit flat (literally).

I think you will find that you’re going to watch that video way more than you think. Print your photos so your memories can be a part of your everyday life, and watch your film to go back to feel how your elopement experience felt.

“When we received our video, it was exactly what we were hoping for. It told the story of our wedding day perfectly, both how it was and how it felt. It was incredibly heartfelt in the most artistic way possible and our vows are weaved in perfectly. We tear up every time we watch it.”


Reason Four

Sometimes your elopement videographer can do both video AND photo (like me)!

Yep, you read that right!

I capture both photos AND videos at the same time for my couples on their elopement days.

I have years of experience shooting back photos and videos, so I decided to combine those skills into a super unique package to make capturing your special day even easier and more streamlined. No need to find and hire multiple vendors and hope they work together well. You can re-live your Washington elopement day both ways without all the hassle and without an extra camera pointed your way all day.

“If you’re like me and scour reviews and contemplate for days (or months) before committing, take this as a sign to just do it. You will not regret hiring her for one second and will have a film that you will want to watch over and over again that perfectly reflects you and your partner!”


Still not sure?
Check out this Washington Elopement video
that might convince you:

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