May 31, 2021

Intimate Sunrise Wedding in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Sometimes I shoot just photography on a couples elopement day, and Abigail and Dane’s sweet, intimate sunrise wedding in the Blue Ridge Mountains was one of those times.

These two planned a half-day adventure (up to 6 hours) and filled it with special little moments to enjoy and embrace lots of the beautiful outdoor aspects of Western NC.

We started their intimate sunrise wedding on the mountain top and moved into the more official wedding-style events as the morning grew warmer and we made our way down into the forest.

Five Reasons to Plan Around Sunrise for Your
Elopement or Wedding Experience


You’re likely to see fewer people at sunrise due to the need to wake up, travel,
and possibly hike all before the sun comes up.


It’s a beautiful and unique way to start your wedding/elopement day.


You probably won’t sleep too well the night before your elopement anyways,
so why not just make the most of it!


Sunrise is a beautiful time of day where you are likely to get some stargazing (if it’s clear)
before dawn and some beautiful colors.


It’s one heck of a unique adventure!

I hope you enjoy these little snippets of the memories made by
Abigail and Dane during their sunrise wedding for two: