November 9, 2020

Eloping Ideas for Outdoorsy Couples

If you’re a nature loving couple who is happiest when you’re in the outdoors, traditional wedding day activities probably don’t sound very exciting to you. You would rather ditch the details and make memories exploring somewhere beautiful. Therefore, you are likely looking for some eloping ideas that match who you are!

A couple is in their wedding clothes and they are jumping in a mountain lake off a dock while they elope in asheville.

I’m just like you, so I know how badly you want your outdoorsy side to be embraced during one of the most special days of your lives. You deserve to celebrate in a way that is true to who you are. Eloping can be a little overwhelming when you realize all of the options you have and don’t know where to begin, so I’ve come up with a list of adventurous elopement ideas that can help guide you in the right direction.

Browse through and talk about with your partner what your ideal day looks like, and you feel comfortable with, and what you want to day to feel like.

Enjoy the journey

Choosing from these eloping ideas should be fun!
Do what you can to make the process enjoyable, always remember to stay flexible, and remain focused on the purpose for the day : your love!

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You can never go wrong with good old fashioned camping. Sleeping out in nature is one of the best ways to feel really connected to life and each other on your elopement day. Personalize it to make it yours – stay in a campground, boondock, rent a campervan, or a simple tent – it’s up to you!

A couple sets up a tent in the woods on their elopement day. They are kissing behind the tent and the ground is covered in golden pine needles.
A couple stand small against a big view of foggy mountains lit up with color by the sunrise on the morning of their elopement day.

Sunrise or Sunset Hike

One of the best ways to get beautiful views and away from crowds is to plan for a sunrise or sunset hike during your elopement. The time of day and the distance of your hike may help you reach a more private area to celebrate together. Pick a hike length depending on what you are comfortable with – and yes people hike in their wedding clothes!

Backpacking Trip

If you want a longer adventure and like to get deep into the wilderness, a backpacking trip is perfect for you! Longer mileage and more time to enjoy all the little moments. This kind of experience helps you mix together activities like hiking, camping, stargazing, hammocking…

A couple is hiking with backpacks on on a trail through the mountains - the bride has a clothing back strapped to her pack with all their wedding clothes inside. They are backpacking to their elopement location.
A couple sits in front of a campfire in their hammock at the end of their elopement day. They are silhouetted by light behind them.

Hammock Time

Eloping ideas don’t have to be crazy adventurous. Taking some time to just relax and chill throughout your day is just as important – but make it outdoorsy!

A relaxing bit of time to rest in your hammock during an elopement day can be the perfect way to wind down, cuddle up, and have a beer chatting about your favorite moments from the day.

My favorite Hammock, and the one pictured in this image, is the Eno brand!


A bonfire not only makes for some beautiful light for photos/video, but it also is just a comforting experience to end an elopement day. And you can’t have a bonfire without s’mores right? If you’re not big on cake, this is a fun outdoorsy treat instead. Be sure you are allowed to have a fire in your location and drown that thing out when you’re done.

A couple sits on a log in front of a campfire in the evening. They are in casual elopement clothing and their dog is beside them. They are making s’mores over the fire and giggling. The grooms marshmallow is on fire and he is about to blow it out. Eloping ideas for outdoorsy couples can include simple activities like this too!
A couple is in the distance of a landscape mountain lake scene on their kayaks during their elopement day. The sky is full of clouds and they are in one green and one orange kayak. These eloping ideas include lots of water sports.

Water Sports

Whether you just want to rent a big boat on a lake and chill on the water for the day, or you want to spend a little time on kayaks exploring nooks and crannies of a river, getting out on the water is a super fun way to celebrate your elopement day. You could also go extreme adventure mode and go rafting on some whitewater.


When it comes to swimming, there are lots of different options for getting in the water – whether it is at the base of a waterfall, or a pristine mountain lake, or at a secluded swimming hole in the river. You can get your wedding clothes wet or you could change into some other swimming specific clothes – it’s up to you! This is a great way to cool off during the summer for an elopement day adventure!

Eloping ideas can include swimming! A couple is kissing while swimming in a mountain like with their elopement clothing on. It is sunset and the water ripples around them.
A helicopter flies through the air in a snowy scene at sunset. Helicopter tours are a great idea for an elopement day to get a different view

Helicopter Tour

Sometimes getting a different perspective is the coolest addition to your elopement adventure. Taking a helicopter tour and getting to see the beautiful landscape from above is pretty epic – but sometimes helicopter tours can land in remote places and give you SUPREME access to private locations – double win!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

This idea is for those who would like something a little more unique and dreamy. Definitely not for those with a fear of heights! If you want to get up in the air and view things from a different perspective, try a a hot air balloon ride! It’s is a quieter and more slow paced option than the helicopter – & they look so dang beautiful in the sky

Tow hot air balloons fly through the air over a desert mountain scene in the late afternoon. Hot air balloon rides are a fun elopement idea.
A couple stands beside their lit up tent looking at each other with headlamps on. They are underneath a starry sky and the sunset is behind them in the distance. They are wearing elopement wedding clothing because they just got married on the mountain. Eloping ideas for outdoorsy couples don't require a ton of movement.


Imagine something more peaceful then laying out under the stars with your partner, holding their hand, and thinking about how awesome life is. Stargazing has forever been one of my favorite things to do. It is peaceful, quiet, and reminds me of how big and vast the universe is.


This is one of those eloping ideas for the thrill seekers who want something a little different. Zip-lining is a super fun activity that gets your adrenaline pumping. Some zip-lines are even side-by-side, so you and your partner can go together!

Two people are small in the distance as they fly along on a zip-line over the snowy forest. Zip-lining is a fun idea for an elopement.
A couple sit in a grassy field during their elopement to have a picnic at sunrise. The groom is in a blue suit and the bride in a white dress. Eloping ideas for outdoorsy couples can include slow energy activities like a picnic too!

Romantic Picnic

You still have to eat during an elopement day. Especially if you’re adventuring around, staying hydrated and energized is important. So, why not make it a little fun? Picnics are a great way to sit back and relax for a bit and just enjoy the moment.

Waterfall Chasing

If you love a good waterfall (I mean, come on, who doesn’t?) make a day of mapping out and exploring all the different waterfalls in an area. This allows for some good chill time in the car with your partner. Put on a fun playlist and the windows down. This idea also allows for a little bit of adventure and beautiful outdoor views too!

A couple walks up to the bottom of a waterfall on their elopement day in their dress and suit. The leaves are green all around them and the waterfall is tall and skinny.
A mountain biker is speeding down a trail in the forest. There is a view of their bars and hands. Mountain biking is a unique eloping idea.

Mountain Biking

If you’re a mountain biker already – YES, you can mountain biking on your elopement day! Biking in a dress might not be the best plan. But, however you choose to dress for it, speeding through the woods with excitement and cheers is always a fun time! There are lots of different types of trails to choose from. You can get a good workout in or just be shuttled from bottom to top. Either way, do whatever makes you happiest!

Eloping Ideas Are Endless!

You can mix and match these eloping ides and customize them to fit the two of you perfectly!
There are also tons of other outdoor things you can enjoy on your elopement day that aren’t listed here.
Elopements are the best because they don’t adhere to any strict timelines, rules, or regulations.
Your elopement is all about having fun, enjoying nature, and celebrating your partnership.
Make it everything you dreamed and more!




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