January 22, 2020

Why You Need An Elopement Videographer

Imagine if you only got to watch your favorite movie one time, or if you could only eat the most delicious dish of your life for a single meal. What if you never got to return to your first choice hiking trail. Part of the joy of these experiences is in reliving them again and again! You would never voluntarily have them just once, right? Insert your elopement videographer…

An elopement videographer is standing on a trail filming a couple hiking up a mountain together holding hands and laughing.

Now imagine the most wonderful, meaningful, special day of your life. Every single moment pulls at your heartstrings and brings you a joy that you can feel all the way down to your toes. If you had the opportunity to relive this beautiful day and all of its experiences again and again, would you say no? 

Of course not. And that is why you need an elopement videographer. 

Re-experience your elopement fully, whenever you want!

Preserving your elopement day through video allows you to experience all those sensations—butterflies, tears of joy, laughter, tenderness—and all those memories more than once. It gives you the gift of reliving the one of the best days of your life every day of your lives, if you want! 

When couples planning their wedding or elopement start trimming their budget, it seems like videography is the first thing to get cut. I get it—weddings are expensive! But I can promise you that videography is the one thing that’s worth the expense. 

I’m not just saying this because I’m an elopement videographer and photographer, but I am saying it because of the experiences I’ve witnessed through that job. I’ve heard couples sob, squeal, and swear (with joy!) when they saw their elopement video, and every single one of them has been grateful that they invested in a video that captured the best day of their lives so that they could keep on enjoying it for years to come. 

Hiring an elopement videographer is priority number one for many, many reasons—here are just a few.

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The Value Is in Your Elopement Vows

A couple stands in a foggy forest with an umbrella over them. The groom is reading from a book and the bride is smiling up at him.

Your elopement day is going to be full of super special moments, but none will compare to sharing your vows. The problem is remembering them. 

It seems kind of contradictory that this incredible moment when you declare your love to the world isn’t imprinted on your memory, but it’s true. When your emotions are high and your heart is beating fast, time seems to speed by. It can be tough to remember what someone said even a few moments later, let alone a few years later. 

Photography vs videography

Photography can capture the single visual moments of your vows, but not all of them—only videography can do that. These are some of the most personal, genuine, and purposeful words either of you will ever utter to each other in your life. If you only capture them with photography, those words quickly lose their impact. You only get to experience them and the emotions they create once. But if you hire an elopement videographer to record your vows, you’ll be able to relive that experience over and over. 

Maybe you think you’ll never rewatch your vows or your video, but my couples have shown me just how valuable having their elopement day recorded on film and how often they revisit it.

The first time re-living your vows will be when you receive your film a few months after your wedding.

Life will have gone back to normal. You will be settled into your routines again, and the magic of the elopement day will have faded a bit. Pulling your film up for the first time while cuddling on the couch together gives you the chance to hear those words with full presence. Instead of the nerves and the high-strung emotions that exist the first time you both said your vows, you can finally let the weight of those words settle in. They now have the chance to make a home in your heart.

Your video Creates a New Yearly Tradition For You

A ceremony of a small wedding in the woods with fall colors and a river in the background.

I may not be one for tradition, but I do love the idea of celebrating your love over and over again on your anniversary. What better way is there to do that than by reliving your elopement day? Rather than splurging on a fancy dinner, it seems so much more purposeful and intentional to sit down together and watch the video of your big day. It can become such a fun tradition. Intentionally create the space to share your favorite memories from that day and the days that have followed. Someday, that tradition might expand to include your kids or even grandkids! As life goes by, even in hard times, a video of your vows can also serve as a genuine reminder of what your love is really about. You can remember where it all began, and why you chose to adventure together for the long haul. 

It’s really true! You will watch your elopement video!

So many of my couples have told me that they watch their elopement video on their anniversaries. Of course, this makes me so freaking happy! This is why I do what I do! I help you create and capture the best day ever so that you can bask in those feel-good memories for the rest of your lives. 

Recording your vows along with the special moments through the day gives you the opportunity to both fully invest in the moment as it happens and again and again for years to come.

It’s the most immersive way to relive your elopement day (because, trust me, you’ll forget a lot of it).

A couple stands on a mountain in their wedding clothes. The groom is kissing the bride on the cheeck.

Remember what I said earlier about heightened emotions making it hard for your brain to make memories during your vows? That actually applies to the whoooole day as well…

I’m not just making this stuff up—it’s science! While you’re more likely to remember emotionally charged moments, it’s actually the negative moments that stick best in your brain. According to a study by Elizabeth Kensinger, emotionally positive experiences (like your elopement day) don’t trigger your brain to remember the details. That means you’ll remember the day as a whole, rather than the sweet little moments that make it. [https://www.livescience.com/1827-bad-memories-stick-good.html]

The memories will fade without a videographer

As time passes, you’ll forget more and more details about the day. Things like how the wind made the trees dance, or the smile your partner wore as they listened to your vows. Even little details like the sound the cicadas surrounded you with as you watched the sun set over the mountain. But if you have it on video, you’ll always be able to relive the day in detail. Plus, the process of remembering is almost as fun as actually experiencing it. 

While photos are beautiful, they just don’t quite do those details justice. They might help trigger memories, but the advantage of video is how immersive it is. Having a video of your elopement day doesn’t just revive memories, it puts you right back in the moment.

Real talk: You will probably regret it if you don’t
hire a videographer

A couple is holding hands in celebration at the end of their elopement with big smiles on. One female is wearing a suit and the other is wearing a white dress.

The biggest regret recently married couples have about their wedding day is that they didn’t hire a videographer. In fact, a Zola survey found that 35% of couples said that if they could do their big day over again, they’d invest in an elopement videographer. Even of those who did hire a videographer, 25% wish they’d spent more money on the service. They wish they a higher quality videographer in general or had just hired them for more time. [https://www.huffpost.com/entry/this-is-the-1-thing-brides-regret-not-spending-more_b_5a4d051de4b06cd2bd03e3d9

You’re making the choice to elope, to create a day centered around your life and your love! This is your one chance to capture it! You might be adventurers who get out on the trail every weekend, but when are you ever going to have another opportunity to preserve that part of your life? Your love is so special. and your elopement day offers a unique chance to take a snapshot of that love and save it forever. 

You can share your elopement video with family and friends who aren’t there

A couple stands kissing on a rock formation surrounded by trees and blue mountains for their elopement.

It’s likely that part of the reason you’re eloping is to avoid the big guest list of a traditional wedding. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to share the experience with your loved ones. If you capture your day on video, you can preserve the intimacy of your elopement and the quiet moments that are just the two of you. That could mean your entire day or just a few minutes. What’s best is that you’re doing it all without excluding your friends and family. You can fully immerse yourself in those intimate experiences without the distraction of others, but still share them with your loved ones. 

Even if you know you want a small wedding, eloping can be a difficult choice. You don’t want people to feel left out. Trust me, I know how your traditional Aunt Barb and Grandma can be and that it’s hard for them to understand why you don’t want them there on your wedding day. With a video, you can have your cake and eat it too. You get to have the quiet, personal day you want, and your friends and family get to join you in spirit when you share your video. 

Your authenticity is inspirational

My couples have mentioned that after seeing the video of their elopement, people who questioned their choice finally understood. They finally got why they eloped. I pride myself on capturing the real, heartfelt, gut-punch moments throughout your day. Those are the kinds of moments that just aren’t the same with a traditional wedding. Having a video of these special experiences shows the doubters why eloping was the best decision for you. Your authenticity is inspirational.

Be sure to find the right elopement videographer for you!

an elopement videographer is standing in front of a couple in Colorado filming them in their wedding clothes snuggled up and hugging. The groom is kissing the bride on the forehead and they are surrounded by rocks and golden grass.

The elopement videographer you choose matters

I can preach till the cows come home about the value of an elopement videographer, but it’s only worth it if you find the right videographer for you. Once you make the decision to hire a videographer, do some thorough research. Find an artist whose style, edits, and even values align with yours. 

Some videographers might prioritize cinematic shots, which means they’ll have you posing a lot. Other videographers, like me, will let the day unfold organically. I like to film the sweet experiences as they happen naturally. Some elopement videographers are best suited to indoor ceremonies, while others like myself are totally comfortable out in the woods or on top of a mountain. While some kind of feel like the paparazzi, I prefer to approach my couples as a close friend. That way they can feel comfortable throughout the day. 

Nothing compares to your unique elopement story

It’s also worth mentioning that, no matter how much research you do and how many videographer’s samples you watch, you’re never going to find a video that feels exactly like you want yours to. Watching strangers’ love lives on screen will never give you the same value as watching your very own life play out before you. It can be difficult to base your decision on how to capture your love based on theirs. Instead, base your decision on the style and approach of the videographer and your connection with them. If they’re right for you, they’ll capture your love in a way that makes your heart sing! 

I truly believe one of the most important investments you can make is hiring an elopement videographer. But, only if you hire one that aligns with you as a couple.