January 8, 2021

Adventure Elopement: 10 Things to Pack

When it comes to your adventure elopement, being prepared with the right gear really helps.
The right items can mean the difference of being dry versus wet, warm versus cold, or comfortable versus uncomfortable.
My goal for all of my couples is to always make sure they are having as much fun and experiencing each moment fully.
When you’re cold, wet, or uncomfortable, that becomes is a bit harder.

If you haven’t decided what you’re doing for your elopement yet, check out my blog post on Eloping Ideas for Outdoorsy Couples first! The activities you’re doing will impact the items you need to bring!

I definitely want to make it clear that you don’t need a lot for your day (you don’t want to be carrying a ton of weight on that back of. yours), but having a few really awesome and key items will allow for a stress free experience that will help your dream day run smoothly.
I’ve compiled a list below of things that I personally love and use, and some things that I think would be a great addition to have on hand for your special elopement adventure!

A couple stands walking out to a mountain view with backpacks on during their adventure elopement in western NC.

Adventure Elopement Essential #10

A waterproof picnic blanket

This blanket is a really great option for a simple, neutral colored backdrop for your elopement day picnic. I had another couple use their for their sunrise hiking elopement and they really loved it. The bottom has a waterproof layer that will keep you dry and warm (so nice!) no matter where you decided to have your meal. I also love how it rolls up and can stash in a backpack quite easy.

A couple sits on a blanket they packed for a picnic during their adventure elopement. They are having a morning picnic with a mountain view

Adventure Elopement Essential #9


Headlamps are a definite must have for an elopement day that will have you hiking at all for sunrise or sunset. These Black Diamond headlamps are known as some of the best, and getting some with adjustable brightness makes for some epic star or low light landscape shots!

A couple stands facing each other in their wedding clothes during their elopement in the dark. They are wearing headlamps that light up their faces.

Adventure Elopement Essential #8

A Lightweight Meal Kit & Food

If you’re bringing any snacks or food with you on the trail, having an eco-friendly and lightweight way to eat is awesome.
I love the idea of these bamboo silverware and plates, and the fact that you can re-use them for any camp trip or adventure in the future. I don’t have these myself, so I can’t recommend them from personal experience, but I’m always down for anything made from bamboo rather than plastic – it’s the most eco-friendly and sustainable resource that we know of!

Adventure Elopement Essential #7

Good Hiking boots

Good, comfortable boots with nice grip are a must during an adventure elopement. I know boots are something that are special to you and your foot shape, but these are the exact boots I’ve had for over 10 years of hiking and backpacking and I have never had a single blister. Let that sink in – no blisters! Unheard of! I have a wider foot, and most hiking boots are skinny, so Keen is my absolute favorite. I honestly would wear these boots all the time since they are so comfortable and I never feel like they are too heavy. Plus, they are waterproof which is a major positive since you never know what creeks your might need to cross on your adventure elopement!

A bride is holding up the bottom of her dress to show off her dirty legs and hiking boots during her adventure elopement.
A bride is holding up the bottom of her dress to show off her dirty legs and hiking boots during her adventure elopement.

Adventure Elopement Essential #6

Insulated Mugs

A good lightweight, yet insulated mug is always a great thing to have. Making some tea or coffee during your elopement day when it’s cold is so nice. My partner and I both have one that we use on all our adventures from road trips, camping, and even simple sunset hikes. I also bring mine along on adventure elopements! I love to hike down the mountain with mine in my hand if I don’t finish while we are at the view. Therefore, having a closable top is great for that so I don’t spill. Those typical metal enamel mugs can get really HOT to the touch. But, these won’t burn your hands. I also love that they don’t have a logo or any imagery on them – Perfect for clean and classic photos and video. I personally love the olive color, but you can never go wrong with black.

Adventure Elopement Essential #5

A Jetboil kit

Our Jetboil is probably one of my most favorite pieces of equipment that we own. I use this thing all the time when we are out in nature. The ability to boil water within 2 minutes is insane. It’s also so very handy when it comes to an early morning in nature when you’re ready for coffee or a tea. I will forever recommend a jetboil to anyone and everyone who likes camping or hiking and warm drinks. It might not be the cutest thing, but it is definitely the most practical. I’ve had couples hike up with pre-made tea or coffee in a thermos before, but this is a fun way to make the process part of the day.

Adventure Elopement Essential #4

Water Bottle

I’ve used Nalgene water bottles for backpacking/hiking for over 10 years now. I haven’t found another option that I like better. But, you’re welcome to pick whatever water bottle you want! Having enough water during and staying properly hydrated during your adventure elopement is a MUST. Even though I want to move away from plastic items, I still don’t know of a better option that provides you with a lightweight, leakproof, and unbreakable way to carry water. The good thing is they are re-usable, so buy one and keep it forever and you’re good to go. They will scratch, but it’s part of the story. I LOVE this blue color (it’s my favorite) but they come in lots of different colors if you’re not a fan.

A couple is standing at a trail in their wedding clothes during an adventure elopement and the bride is drinking water while the groom holds the lid waiting for her.

Adventure Elopement Essential #3

This is the exact backpack that I use as the photographer/videographer for my hiking elopements. If you’re a hiker in general, having a good backpack that has sturdy hip belts, is adjustable, and has a rain cover is never a bad purchase. I swear by having a backpack with a hip belt. This means all the weight isn’t on your shoulders throughout your elopement day. Comfort is key for you to be happy and enjoying your day. Plus, it comes with a water reservoir if you’re not a big fan of having to stop and drink out of your bottle when you’re thirsty.
They have a women and men’s specific version in multiple colors.

A couple stands holding hands in their wedding clothes on a mountain with a foggy view during their adventure elopement. The both have hiking backpacks on.

Adventure Elopement Essential #2

Rain Poncho

Rain happens, and sometimes it happens on your elopement day even if you’re not expecting it. I always suggest having rain gear on hand in the mountains. This is because storms can roll through at a moments notice! Having a poncho is a great option because they are longer, cover more of your body, great for dress wearers, and easily to slip on. This particular one I listed is pretty cool. It has a flap around the face like a rain jacket would, and also can be used as a tarp for shelter if needed. It also packs down pretty small and light.

Adventure Elopement Essential #1


No matter what season your adventure elopement is taking place in, you need layers. The weather can change at any point. Therefore, being prepared to keep yourself a comfortable temperature is key! You’re going to want to prepare jackets, hats, gloves, fuzzy leggings, etc. This way you can take off or on whatever you need at any point in the day and be cozy!

Of course there are other things you will need to bring along and pack in your bag.
But, I hope this help prepares you for some of the basics!
Be sure to check out the blog post on Elopement Flower Ideas before your elopement as well!